Where to buy motor?

Ok guys I need to get a motor since Hobby King is out of stock. They keep saying they are going to refund me my money also and it’s been 2 weeks and they aren’t going to give me the shipping that I paid for it (it was paired with a small USB adapter and DHL was the only option to ship - then I’m told it’s out of stock but they aren’t going to refund any shipping) so I need to find a new place to get a similar motor. Budget is $80 and the motor I was ordering was the SK3 6374 192kv. What are my best option?

P.S.- FCK HOBBYKING end rant

@torqueboards has some 6374 motors

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It’s a little outside your budget, but this will be much better built than an SK3 motor.


They also have a 6355 motor for $90, but maybe this one won’t be powerful enough for you.


I have two of these, will be testing on a single drive pretty soon, I’ll let you know if they are powerful enough for a single drive. I haven’t used them before, but the product seems to be well built. Plus, a 50mm motor will save some weight!