Where to buy parts, motors, batteries, mounts in EUROPE?

Having a hard time finding sites that I can get some ideas of what to get for my first build in Europe. So I thought maybe I or someone else could do a list of webshops.

  1. https://shop.elektro-skateboard.de/
  2. https://www.hellray.de

make sure you dont buy tihs motor mount its rly shitty, because its thread is of aluminium and will break if screws are tighten up to strong.

better use the diy one

Thank you!

Will add those 2 to my list :blush:

Protoboards has a nice mount. Also look for used stuff on the forum.

I think I explained myself incorrect. I ment like shops that has different parts which is located in europe. So you skip the hassle to get things abroad from the US or any other country far away.

I don’t get it - protoboards HAS different parts…

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These I know:

www.proto-boards.com https://eu.electric-skateboard.market/

Enertion Boards (http://www.enertionboards.com/) has a european warehouse for SOME of its parts like the space cell, but i guess they are selling all that stuff now and focusing on complete Sets.

Evolve (http://evolveskateboards.de/) also has a european warehouse, but they are mostly selling their premade board, but they have a few parts you can order as well.

I have personally ordered from esk8.de, proto-boards and evolve and all worked really well. I want to give out a special shout out to @elkick he is the owner of eks8.de and his service has been exceptional! I can not recommend ordering there enough!

Apart from that I would also recommend what @maxid said: Look on the forums. Thats where you will get the best prices and most people are really passionate about the parts they are making and selling.

Also: Try to use the search function, there is already multiple threads on this topic on here :wink:

Great, thank you for your contribution