Where to buy Ronin Cast Trucks


anyone selling or know where to buy ronin cast trucks? can’t find them nowhere!


If you are in EU, https://www.sickboards.nl/en/reversed-kingpin/4193-ronin-cast-trucks.html?search_query=Ronin&results=19

Ronin cast trucks are changing model atm, was due to release mid Feb 2018.

So likely only old stock is around. I emailed Ronin the otherday asking about their wider 174mm axles for their billet trucks and Tony said they wont be doing them again as he felt 154mm was the new magic width… so I would expect the new cast Ronins to be narrower than 180mm,

If you need 180mm I’d jump on them quick!


Thanks guys!

Any suggestions for US? Can’t find any 180mm Ronins stateside.

I ordered a pair from boardlifeusa.com. Little shop out of Denver. I just did it like a week ago but when I looked again this morning, their gone. :[

They have really good customer service. I’d hit em up.

I just tried, no luck :frowning:

wish you luck brotha! it might be worth just ordering from eu since theyre discontinued.

Amazon maybe