Where to buy Samsung 30Q or LG HG2 at good price?

Where to buy Samsung 30Q or LG HG2 at good price?

Anyone know if Alibaba is a good source?

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What would be a good price

If you are in US, liion warehouse is apparently good. @Airmacx was it you that bought cells from FastTech?

Yeah, got here in less than a week from the US. I’m not sure if any are dead though since I don’t have the tools to or know how to. Still need to find someone who can build me a pack. A company in Sydney said they’d do it, but it’s been a month since I got a reply.

Between 3.50 - 5.00/cell ?

This is a very good place for european customers: http://eu.nkon.nl/lg-18650-hg2.html

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where are you located?

Montreal Canada, but i can have shipped to U.S in Vermont also.

I own a vape shop now can get them in the neighborhood of 4.50 to 5 a piece


You ship? I’m also in US.

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I guess I could I never done it like I said I have a vape shop in vegas and i could get them for cheap @Michaelinvegas wanted to do a group buy

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Lol let me get some crap out of my house first…

Enertion order should be here today

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Alibaba has them for 3.20/cell,+ shipping around 100.00 for 100 cells,… Endlessphere forum member has bought some in the past and has just ordered another 1500!!

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I got mine for about $4 each – US based and free shipping. I only ordered 50 which is low quantity but adequate for building a 12s4p.

Ordered this morning from http://www.batteryjunction.com/ – I got the 10% off coupon code. Total price delivered by UPS saver (4-7 day) was $204.75

If you have low costums in canada order her: https://ru.nkon.nl/lg-18650he2-imr-battery.html

I have never used 10S4P spot welded HG2 for sale. Some1 is interested PM me. EU only