Where to buy Servo connector in EU

Hi guys, just got a nano x remote and receiver and then realize that the servo connector is not inside. Where can I find it in EU. I found this one on ebay. Will it work?

Thanks for the help!

That looks like a servo extension cable (male to female) you need a servo cable (female to female)

Or you can just cut the male end off that one and solder the wires onto the VESC which is actually better

This one is the receiver (photo random online) and I will have Maytech’s VESCs

Which one should I buy?

Like these ones?

Could someone please confirm? Thx a lot

Don’t maytec Vescs come with a hard wired lead already attached?02

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I am still waiting for the vesc to arrive. Then I hope so, but in case they don’t could you tell if the cables are correct? Thx a lot

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Maytech vesc comes with servo wire for receiver

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I bought this one and it works

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Thank you all!

How much dou you spend on the Maytech’s? I wish i would have spent 100 bucks more in the first place and got @stewii 's esc with housing. He happens to be in the U.K. like you.

I can send you on just pay the shipping

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I am in Belgium not UK but anyway closer than you. I know that Maytech is not the best but I am planning to run them in BLDC. Do you have Maytech too?

Hi thank you very much for your generosity, really appreciated. Do you know how much would be the shipping to Belgium? Apparently the Maytech VESC comes with the servo pre-installed but in case I need it I will let you know. Thx Thx

Yeah, i run Maytech’s with the same Hubs you are looking for. I promise you, you want to run them in FOC and not BLDC. VESC’S for this Hubs is overkill, acceleration and torque are increasing with VESC’S but speed is not compared to the China ESC’s. If you are not running FOC your efficiency decreases which means your range will be less with the VESC’S. For future upgradeabillity just get good ones or go really cheap for your first build.

:persevere: that hurt! When I tought I found a sweet spot :grin: I am not looking for crazy speed. I am using a spud, so short board won’t be stable at higher speed. With a 10s3p 30q battery. I would aspect 40km/h and at least 20km range… I see you also have the maytech hubs. Would you recommend them over the diyeboard ones. I know they have more problem with overheating

2$ dont know about the delivery time tho

Ah right you are from US. No problem. I found them for few euro on hobbyKing. Thank you very much again for your offer

Croatia :slight_smile:

Ahahaha I tought that for the 2$. Then I will let you know if I need them…

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