Where to buy silicon wire?

Is someone please able to provide a link to where to buy high strand silicon wire that does international shipping? Previously I’ve always just used stuff that I’ve been able to buy locally but I haven’t been able to find anywhere that sells stuff that’s as flexible and as durable as the wire that’s come on my Ollin VESC’s or my SPACE Cell. Cheers


Turnigy 12AWG red

Thanks, looks like they’re all out of stock of 10AWG though :confused: Edit: Nevermind, didn’t realise there was a second page :stuck_out_tongue:

ebay amazon

I get mine from hobbyking. The one problem with buying from China is that they are pretty much the same price so buying from a place such as hobbyking is cheaper. In New Zealand it might not be as easy though. Try aliexpress and ebay.