Where to connect switch for regen braking FSESC 4.12

Hi, I am thinking of building my own electric bike (i know this is a skateboard forum but I’m sure someone can help:) I know that the Flipsky FSESC v4.12 has regenerative braking but there is no connector to connect a switch to activate regen braking. I’ve heard that you short the RX line to ground or something but could someone clarify how to set it up.


you can or should connect it to ADC port for pressure sensitive braking/throttle. I’m modding a kickboard for my girl doing similar :slight_smile:

12%20connections On this diagram, would I connect it to either ADC or ADC2 and then configure which one to use for braking in the config software? Would I connect a potentiometer or a momentary switch to trigger braking?


Link to website:https://flipsky.net/products/torque-esc-vesc-%C2%AE-bldc-electronic-speed-controller