Where to find these connectors and evolve customer service

I accidently broke the connector from my hall wirrs connecting the esk to the motors. After doing research, it seems that evolve makes thier own connectors and seem very hard to find. I contacted evolve about this last week and have still not heard back. Does anyone know where to find evolve specific 5 pin JST connectors? Also, how hard would this be to fix and how would I go about doing this? The wire crimps are still in the connectors. 20190215_195607 20190215_195603 20190215_195552


Amass MT-60 …

I believe he’s refering to the sensor jst

think hes talking about the sensor cabling. Plus those are mt30’s evolve use a funny connector to the esc for sensor cables. I would suggest trying to find something on amazon but try not to lose the order of the original cabling or it will be a royal pain in the arse.


I only know a few people that work on evolve upgrades so may be able to help with the spec of the connectors @TinnieSinker @longhairedboy Sorry to summon chaps but I know of no others… Forget help from evolve too. They think everything they make is a trade secret.

Surprisingly, evolve finally got back with me and sent me some cables. @moderators This topic can be closed. :slight_smile:

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Why? We have all this space left for meme pics now.


They’ve been using the same shit for the last 5 to 7 years. The ESC hasn’t changed at all, the BMS went through a few iterations but i think that was more about sourcing the cheapest part. Overall, their electronics do the job well enough to not need major updates. Unfortunately well enough for them isn’t well enough for a lot of other people. 99% of thier updates are cosmetic. Change the remote, change the grip tape, change the deck slightly, put gold on the motors.