Where to get 12S FVT (maytech) 120A ESC? Sources?

Hi there! I’'ve been seeing some users using this 12s esc

Can you comment from where did you order it?

And does it make a difference whenever it is FVT branded or maytech branded esc?

It seems that FVT has their own design with the bat and such, here’s how it looks (the one I found)


Though, I dont really like dealing with alibaba… I might be ok with aliexpress, as I have ordered from there but alibaba with the inquiry system looks like a lot different deal…

Also it is confusing whenever maytech / fvt work the same… maytech one are without the sticker it seems… and different color (have seen red, also)

Hey @Okami, I ordered mine from Alibaba. You will be dealing with a lady named Jen (I think) if you go that route. It used to be Edward, but he left FVT. I believe Maytech has them in both colors, also. Either company. They are the same ESC.

Favourite Shenzhen Technology are the people to get the ESC from. It is an airplane one and then you ask them if they can load custom firmware.

I don’t know if they are really the same, but I think I remember that @nowind and some others were having issues with the Maytech versions recently.

Don’t buy from maytech. They send with bad firmware that has unusable brakes. See:

yeh, that’s the point of this thread also… to tell if these FVT are any better… I would like to think there are a minor difference between them (maytech and fvt) but as of right now (with no reviews) it is really hard to tell…

FVT at least seems to be a bit more decent to me, since I’'ve already got their 6s version and I think it is quite robust… about maytech i’ve heard different things so far :smiley:

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To be clear. Those FVT 12s, DIY opto 12s, and Maytech 12s are all exactly the same hardware and made by FVT.

Just happens that the ones that Maytech is reselling has a bad version of the FVT firmware. Only difference is the firmware which is solved in the other post i linked to. But to save you the trouble get it directly from FVT with the correct firmware already installed and they have better support than Maytech since its actually their own ESC.


Not only the firmware - support and quality of service…

R, J.

If you are close this would be good to check:

Spielwarenmesse® in Nuremberg, Germany is the world’s leading fair for the toy industry: the date for the next toy fair: 01 - 06 February 2017.

Maytech told me they will be there. I didn’t find FVT on the exhibitors’ list…

R, J.

How did u get on with this ecs did the breaks work

i was contacted by Favourite about their Sleeping Lion product. I’m tempted to try them out and see if they’re worth anything.

I wonder if they have fixed the issue with the sudden acceleration when releasing the brakes in the sensored mode.

I think they have (as discussed in this thread)

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Anyone interested in doing a group buy for the dual ESC from FVT? This from the seller,

if you order MOQ 5pcs or up, then unit price is USD80/pcs.

If 1pc only, the unit price is USD120/pcs, shipping freight USD20 by DHL, shipping time 4-7 working days. Paypal charge 5% of total amount.


They confirmed it has the latest firmware with brake fix.

I would be interested in a GB for the dual esc

If there are 3 more people, we can start something.