Where to get abs for enclosure?

@psychotiller where do you get your abs plastic? Or do you just order it online. Thanks!

I buy 4’ x 8’ sheets in bulk from Paragon Plastics. They are local to me


Dammit those are super far from me. Do you know any other stores that might have material? I checked home depot, office max, OSH, Fry’s, Ace Hardware but none of them seem to have ABS plastic sheets.

None of those places carry it…Try looking for a Tap Plastics near you. Or do a google search for ABS sheet

Walmart.com has ABS sheets. Gotta get them online cause they’re not in store.

Wooo @psychotiller theres a tap plastics near me. I’ll go skate over there and check it out :stuck_out_tongue:

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