Where to get Axle Extenders?

Hello, I am interested in extending my truck axle by a 1/2 inch or 1 inch. I don’t want to take the entire axle off and replace it with a new longer axle altogether. I am hoping there is a screw on option that lets you screw on an extension to your existing truck axle and gives you an extra 1/2 inch to an inch on your existing axle. Something like below that gives you a 8 mm standard truck diameter on the thread. Any one know where i can get a set ? Thanks.

Surf-Rodz used to make axle extenders (or as I call them… axle benders) that screwed onto an 8mm axle and converted it to a longer 10mm axle. Very cool design

Doesn’t look like you can get them anymore unfortunately. I have a set, but I’m not sure I would want to part with them. That said, they are terrible for your trucks. By extending the axles, you multiply the bending stress. Cast trucks bend easy enough as it is, but with axle extenders you will be riding bananas in no time

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