Where to get Battery enclosures?

Hello Im starting to make my skateboard deck arrives tommrow hopefully, im going to make my own battery, 12s hopefully 5 or 6p, was thinking of building my own enclosure, but if there is a good cheap alternative i would like to buy it, any reccomendations greatly aplreciated.

Or is there a good diy write up somewhere ?

Thank you

@psychotiller and @bigben sell enclosures. There’s many more that sell them too.

Lots of good diy enclosures if you use the search function. You can do ABS, Fiberglass, Carbon fiber, etc…

This is a good one to start with


I made this one over at the cool kids website… needs to be updated but still some good learnings in there


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Looks like loads of work thank you, do you know where to buy from, i did think of making a fiberglass one, but thought it might not flex very well, maby its better to buy one Thanks

You can try searching on Ebay too. For example try looking up a 12s universal enclosure.