Where to get BMS

I’m building a 12s4p pack with 30q cells to torqueboards car ESC running TB 6374 190KV x2. What bms should I use and where should I get it?

Bestech is usually the way people go for BMSs. Also just a small tip for your build - make sure those ESCs have plenty of ventilation or they’ll overheat quickly

Thanks for the tip. Where do I get a bestech? Their site doesn’t seem to provide any store front.

The minimum order is 2, I think. It’s better to find a group buy in this forum.

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I’m.gonna try and get about 10 next week, going to resale 6 or 7. If your interested I’ll save one for you.

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you contact them direct by email.

2 module minimum per order.

I’ve got a big order coming so just get them from me.

this one’s a charge only so discharge will have to be bypassed.


I kinda just wanna get it in the mail. I like to tinker with stuff when I get home from work and im getting stir crazy waiting/sourcing parts.

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mike are you getting 10 or 12s?

charge and discharge modules or charge only?

So no regenerative braking?

of course, that’s done thru the vesc.

You would get it in the mail, I’m not gonna drive it to your house…I mean, unless you’ve got lots if beer and a helluva nice couch for me to sleep on :grinning:.

Seriously, all I was saying was that way you can buy 1 BMS instead if 2.

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I’m getting 5 10s and 5 12s, charge and discharge with E-Switch. Essentially like the old model with decent balance current.

nice, bms discharge is preferred, i just can’t handle the additional bulk.


Haha. I meant that I’m getting impatient. What model are you getting?

There’s not really a model number, they are making them custom on the old 10s/12s frame.

We should just get some tonight.

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Is yours discharge only?

This :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Count me in for 1 12s charge and discharge. Let me know when to send $$. Thx for organizing Mike.

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I’m still waiting to here back from them, I’ll post when I know more.