Where to get CF deck with built in battery enclosure?

Does anyone know where I can get carbon fiber decks with built in enclosure, like the one from evolve GT carbon fiber deck?

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Torqueboards is offering such a deck: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/33-torque-rocket-carbon-fiber-deck/

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Or APS: http://alienpowersystem.com/product-category/cnc-kit/decks/

Enertion had one, it is no longer on sale, maybe you could buy it from someone here on forum…

There’s also MEB’s board:


And @MasterCho here on the forum is developing one too.

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I think half this forum is waiting on @MasterCho’s work which you can see in progress here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/vote-your-favorite-carbon-fiber-deck-with-integrated-enclosure/10638

I think it’s going to be awesome board, but might take a while until they’re available.

I didnt like any decks I`ve seen so far so I made my own. Right now in talks of having it made.


Torqueboards has a 40" CF on their future products page in addition to the 33" CF that’s already available.

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Here’s my advice. Don’t ride carbon boards. They are horrible. Like I am all about carbon fibre. But full carbon decks are painful to ride. A nice hybrid of wood and carbon is probably the best.


I can’t say my experience with carbon boards has been horrible. I have two carbon boards, two stiff wooden decks and had a boosted board. Wheel material, size and rubber risers seems to make a big difference from my experience. My Evolve carbon GT (CGT) on 97mm Abec 11’s has less vibration and is over all more pleasant to ride than my stiff wooden decks with smaller harder wheels by far. The CGT on pneumatic wheels is still is still my preference for cruising although I have to admit the Boosted board with it’s bamboo deck was very smooth.

Big soft wheels and a flexible wooden deck would be ideal but it’s hard to beat the elegance of an integrated enclsoure on a CF deck IMO. I have seen quite a few other posts that agree with what lowGuido says so its definitely something to consider.

@lowGuido what CF setups did u build or try that you thought rode poorly?

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How and whos making it for you?