Where to get FOCBOX?

Anyone know where I can get a FOCBOX, or someone that is selling one? Enertion said it is out of stock and will take until mid-May, but I need it sooner.


Thetes a guy selling 4 of them here, longhairedboy also will get his stock soon check the market here

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Where did you say a guy was selling them?

On the forums

Check the marketplace

i’ve got 2 for sale. I’ve soldered on and shrink wrapped the larger motor bullet connectors though. £110 each. thx

5.5 mm connections and how much for shipping to US?

I have checked the vendors on the list and most of them are out of stock. Also, enertion’s website says they cannot ship to my country. Is there an issue with the supply of focboxes? Related to upcoming the “unity” I have been seeing lately?

I think @JLabs just got some in

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In Stock!


here mate : https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/certified-focbox-suppliers/39725

Thanks, I try to stay away from your website because I may end up ordering a jet spud while I have 2 boards that I haven’t finished yet. :sweat_smile: that sale you just l did almost got me.

Anyways, seeing that the other vendors don’t seem to have stock at the moment, I will probably end up coming back when I am ready to order.