Where to get good batteries?

I have been building for a while now and I’m wondering where everyone gets their batteries, I need something kind of custom right now so any suggestions would be appreciated!

Depends on where you are based there are battery builders in the forum

We need a location

https://www.imrbatteries.com/ is a good US vendor, and https://www.nkon.nl/ is a good EU vendor. There are more but letting us know your region is a better start :+1:

E: woops I thought you meant cells, not packs.

I recommend @hyperIon1 (only one I’ve purchased from previously) as well as @psychotiller, @barajabali and @longhairedboy for US packs, and @pjotr47 for EU packs


I’m in the US

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I Am in Eu so not sure but I think @thisguyhere does

I build custom packs. I’ll pm you my email address.


I also do custom packs just send me a pm.

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