Where to get old version of BLDC_Tool


my VESC are running on 4.16, but i need to upgrade to latest version. I dont have xml for my settings. Can i update and keep settings, or i need to make xml? Where can i download bldc_tool for that? MAC OS or windows…

Thank you.

You can use any version of BLDC-Tool to flash a firmware. Just make sure that firmware is compatible with the hardware version you have.

When you update, your setting will be lost so you will need to make a manual back (write them down, which I’d recommend over an xml anyways) and/or export the setting to an xml.

Can you give me download link or just share your tool over dropbox etc…? Simply i cant find working download…

Oh, you don’t have BLDC-Tool at all?

Yes, and i cant find any working download link… All VESC supporting websites are down or what…

Oh yeah. The ones that were hosted by a member of the forum did die. I only have the Mac version, but Enertion has a download on their site: http://www.enertionboards.com/new-focbox-speed-controller/focbox-bldc-tool-win/

Can you share MAC version? Thanks.


edit: Or http://www.esk8.de/tutorials-d-e-f/ has all versions as well (just click Download Links on the left hand side)

Yes, thank you. But i got error - my VESC firmware is too old… So i looking for older bldc_tool… Oh well :slight_smile: Thank you!

Are you just trying to update or are you also trying to export your settings?

I want to update, but also to get all my settings back… I need 2 diferent versions of bldc_tool for that… Now i have latest, but also i need older one, for 4.16 FW.

Yeah, you’re gonna have a hard time finding an old bldc-tool download floating around. Best bet is probably to make a Ubuntu virtual machine, clone vedder’s BLDC-Tool github, revert back to that version of BLDC-Tool, and build it yourself.

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Solved! If someone else needs - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y45400qo6shgqah/AACuUgBrGlQL3DPKQ_FYepPsa?dl=0

FYI - You CANNOT update old firmware using “any version of bldc tool or vesc tool” - because the old versions simply say “blah too old blah. update with a programmer” and REFUSE to connect, and the firmware update steps do not run without a connect. (Folk with new VESC’s probably don’t know that old VESC’s do that, because they’ve never seen old firmware before).