Where to place the anti spark

So I’m on the proses of building my next board and all tho I’m intending to have a switch using either diebie BMS and a unity wondered which one people would suggest and why.

I would also like to have a back up XT90 to cut the power in case any thing stops working/gose wrong as you just can’t beet the reliability of pulling out the XT90 to kill every thing. My problem is I’m not sure where to place it that’s discreet and doesn’t stick out as it will be a thing used ones in a blue moon image image

Before I had it on the side of the enclosure altho this works fine to turn the board off and storing if left in it sticks out a fare bit and likely to get basked. So I’m turning to the committee for more ideas and possible solutions?


Here https://forum./t/pictures-and-nothing-else/79/1013?u=grozniy

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Use a black xt60 like this, doesn’t need to be an antispark since you’re only killing the power IMG_9135

How bout in back right in front of and between the motors?

How about this




That’s a good point I haven’t considered

@Skunk original plan was to sink some headlights in to the riser but haven’t fully worked out how yet or how bright. Iv ordered some 10 mm 12v LED of eBay to play with. Thinking 3 at the frount 1 at the back hidden in the rip tide tunnel riser. Maybe I can design a wider riser and do both.

was playing with the idea but worried about clearance and been knocked getting damaged/if it ever did sudden loss of power could be so dangerous. More of a last resort idea to me but could work for others.

@Grozniy personal I not a fan of the aesthetics but a good solution practically.

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Just throwing a thought out there that BMS heat can play a significant role in the degredation of your cells. If you’re using your DieBieMS for charge and discharge, especially with that placement, you might have cells that bite the dust faster.

Imo, I would move it to the side of the enclosure and put the cells where the BMS once was.

There are ways to limit the charge rate of the DieBieMS though, so if you wired it for discharge only as well as throttled your charge, you could theoretically harm your cells less.

Just thought it would be worth mentioning

Thanks for raising it You thinking this would be more beneficial?



Looks better to me, but I’m no expert. It might not even be a necessary change

As fare as I understand the balancing resistors are the part that heats up when charging and series cells are at different voltages didn’t think any thing els mad much heat.

little update of progress. image image image

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