Where to purchase a Battery pack for longboard (Mboards out of stock for months)


Have built up a longboard and all ready to go apart from battery pack, not keen on making my own pack as no real knowledge re electrics and to be honest don’t have time or inclination to read books and want to get moving whilst still sunny here in the UK.

My plan was to buy a battery pack from MBoards but they have been out of stock for a couple of months now and will therefore have to look elsewhere.

Is there a company/individual who i can just give my specs to that will sell a sealed battery pack ?

Based in England



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Hi Martyn,

I live in Sussex and have built a few battery packs for mine and friends boards, I am about to buy a set of batteries for my newest long-board build (and another MTB :laughing:), and would be willing to make you one also, as I will have spare resources making it cheaper for both of us.

Alternatively, there are two companies in the UK that provide custom battery builds for esk8 professionally, so either of them will also be able to assist you.

Nexus Boards - (Battery Building – Nexus Boards)

Apex Customs (https://www.electricskateboarding.co.uk/) - Not sure they are still doing customs honestly.

Hi Louis,

Private message sent,