Which 10s BMS recommended?

Im going to build a 10s4p lithium ion battery made of Samsung 30q cells. Does anyone have a recommendation for a suitable, safe, trustable and tested bms? Is there affordable options that ship to Germany? Thank you in advance for any kind of help.

Many members have a bestech bms. Myself included. There’s also batterysupport.com And ebay is affordable

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Batterysupport BMS are HUGE if you go over the 80AMP one.

Ok thanks. I just checked on the batterysupports.com website and shipping is overkill. Like 76$ !! :frowning: What about bestech bms where do i get those? Im always a little sceptical with ebay as i dont trust most of sellers there. Got lots of shit buying products with false advertised specs and on and on.


This is the one i got. You will have to mail them and ask for the bms. Keep in mind that they only sell min 2. So you will get 2 BMS for ~ 100$

Mh ok. Thats suboptimal aswell. Is there other big sellers?

There is also SuPower which also sell through ebay.