Which battery + ESC for Haggy build? + Other thoughts

Hello friends,

I’ve been wanting an electric skateboard for ages and after a lot of research I simply can’t bring myself to pull the trigger on anything prebuilt, so here I am!

Board goals

  • AT wheels for riding on grassy fields, shitty sidewalks etc
  • Would LOVE to be able to ride on firm sand coast lines
  • 20km range
  • Not super fussed on speed but maybe 20km/h would be fun

Essentially I just want a Bamboo Evolve GTX but with a decent battery and ESC so I don’t die

Budget, weights, etc

  • Aprox. $1800 AUD ($1200 USD) for the complete setup
  • I weigh 75kg
  • Live in Sydney Aus if that makes any difference to sourcing parts

Thoughts so far

So I seem to find new parts and brands every day, it’s all a bit overwhelming. However, I have stumbled across Haggyboard who do a drive system package which has the motors, wheels, trucks, gears and pulleys… I had originally intended on purchasing parts separately but his package seems fairly spot on for what I’m after.
Otherwise, I was looking at getting a pair of Flipsky 6354 motors with their dual VESC.
I’m also aware of Alien Power System and there are these dudes in Sydney, Voltation who stock their stuff which would be pretty easy to get for me.


So ultimately what I’m asking (apart from general thoughts on the above) is what battery and ESC should I go for?
I see the Focbox Unity get thrown around a lot as the “holy grail of ESC’s” but then I also see a lot of people ragging on Enertion so I’m getting mixed signals on that.
As for the battery, I was looking at Samsung 30q’s… there’s a dude in Aus that makes packs; Marsen
What about the alien power system batteries? Are they any good?

This post ended being a bit more general than I intended… but anyway, thanks in advance for any advice for my first build!!

These are rock solid I run them myself, you can use them with @Ackmaniac 's firmware. If you need ESC’S quick grab them. If I had the money I would!

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