Which battery pack is suitable for daily use( 18650 or lipo)

Hi guys I build a e board for daily commuter. I live in Taiwan that is on the tropical zone, it is subject to more rain than most other areas I ruin my first lipo battery over discharge I also ruin a 18650 pack from taobao . The 18650 bms is very bad. Quality. So I need choose new battery for home to office trip(1.9km) Could you provide your suggestion?

Rain cover from my targus backpack. I hope this cover can provide the a little rain resistance for my battery and esc

If you’re over discharging, get a battery monitor and stick on the board where you can see it. Never let the cells go below 3.4V. Ideally stay close to 3.7. As for the battery just make sure the max current (C x Ah) is at least 100A (5Ah x 20C = 100A) and maybe invest in a good charger that lets you control charging better and obey the max charge current for your battery.

sleep in slat water Is 6s3p Samsung 25r battery pack(max 75a) suitable my e board?

Do I need build 6s4p?

My motor is 6355 190kv

ESC is fvt 120a