Which BMS and charger should I buy?

Hi guys! This is my first build. I ordered a 6374 motor, single setup and plan to build my own 10s3p battery pack. I ordered samsung 25r batteries and a spot welder.

1- I will configure the VESC to not discharge lower than 3.5v so discharge is not a problem but I think I should use a BMS for charging. I heard that even the cheap ones on aliexpress are sufficient. Is that true?

Would this suffice? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-10S-36V-37V-16A-Li-ion-Lithium-Battery-BMS-PCB-PCM-Suitable-For-Ebike-Electric/32823734788.html?

2- I also would like to monitor my individual cells - maybe add a battery cell checker instead of the voltmeter? But how could I balance them individually when they are unbalanced? Could I solder two 10s balance connectors? one to the BMS and one to balance them externally? My Imax I6 is only capable of balancing 6s

3- I also considered a BMS with integrated switch but heard that they fail a lot. Is this true?

4- Also - are the cheap chargers from aliexpress ok ?- like this 3A one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-10S-36V-37V-16A-Li-ion-Lithium-Battery-BMS-PCB-PCM-Suitable-For-Ebike-Electric/32823734788.html?

Honestly man. Battery is very important. I would be cheap on any other part but the battery. Batteries are expensive and potentially a fire hazard if you don’t take care of it. I wouldn’t rely on cheap bms. I’d say get yourself a good one from bestech.

I was perfectly ready to buy that - especially cause it also offers the switch but several people mentioned that it burned out / stopped functioning - you use it? No issues?

as far as I know most people prefer bestech so I don’t know who you talked to. If you buy the correct current rate and series then you should be good. Ebikeschool.com seems to have a pretty quality BMS if you don’t want to spend extra. Just make yourself a XT-90s aka anti-spark XT-90 because it doesn’t offer wired in on/off switch.

I would go with a anti spark loop. They are more trusted to not fail. I would get a bestech bms as they are what is generally used. I got a charge from luna cycle as it has the options for 80-100% charge plus you can adjust from 1a-5a charging

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The 60A version is enough? Anybody knows if this vendor is reliable?

$100 for a BMS? You sure you can’t find a cheaper one? I’d say $60 is sufficient.