Which bms for a 12s8p battery?

Hello Everyone! Which bms would you use for a 12s8p battery pack? How many A? Greetings Therealesk8

A would use a 12s bms for a 12s8p pack… :rofl:

Use the search bar

Are you looking to use the BMS for both charge and discharge or as a charger only Bms?

How many amp charger do you have in mind?

Also what cells are you using?

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I’m going to use a bestech d140


I don’t know which charger my friend is going to use, but i can ask him. And he only wants to use it for charging.

Okay, I’m going to check this bms👌

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This is what I use for my 12s5p and it will work perfect with a 12s8p if you are doing charge only

I got mine from @thisguyhere, but I think his website is down.


Olay, thanks for all👍

thanks for letting me know, this host i’m using fkn sucks right now


back in business


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I use a Bestech D140 I got from @thisguyhere on my 12s8p. So far so good :slight_smile: charge only btw.

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What’s your schedule on balancing?

how do you check your cells to to ensure everything is ok?Hardware or some kind of application for your vesc

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i’m right in the middle of writing an article on medium on how to check for voltage drift.

i’ll let you know when it’s up.



Can you include something about checking IR, preferably without opening up my pack?(to be honest I don’t know if this is possible, I’m just regurgitating what deckoz has told me :sob::sob::joy::joy:)

Or it could be a second article :yum: whatever works

Well I was planning on taking it apart and checking everything soon but I have not done that yet. I don’t have 1000 miles on this battery yet and the votalges and range has not seen a noticeable change as of yet but I will do a regular preventative check.

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I doubt I’ll have issues, I’m just trying to best prepare myself so if anything goes wrong I can prevent the full pack melt down :grimacing:

How do you not worry about that kind of thing :joy::joy:

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Oh I do worry lol I have a infrared laser temp gun I use on cars and I periodically measure the temp of my battery while charging with my hands or the gun. I feel like if nothing is too warm then everything is okay.

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at 8p i bet you’ll have very little drift, if any.

not possible if you need IR for each P group…

not sure what value there is checking IR of the entire pack if it stays in balance.

but…here’s what’s needed for IR calculation (if you don’t have a hobby charger):

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I don’t know much about laser temp guns so it’s probably a silly question, but which do you use?

I don’t want to get one that gives off funky readings :joy:

I guess checking while charging should be a pretty good indicator

I guess I could buy a bag of sand and just leave it in my common room :joy::joy: let’s just hope I can get there in time :sob:

Google Photos


the laser is just a pointer, it uses infrared to measure actual temperature. so…point the laser directly onto the hottest part and it doesn’t actually read it, but move it around a bit and temperature goes up.

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