Which BMS for Raptor 2.1?

Hello, After a Groupride my Raptor 2.1 did not load anymore. After the help of a mate who had a clue we exchanged a burnt cable. Unfortunately it was still not loading. I took a closer look and discovered a defective transistor.

My question: Which BMS would work with the LCD and power button of the Raptor 2.1? I would not like to lose these functions.

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Maybe try just replacing the broken part, it should be dirt cheap

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Nothing to loose trying :wink:


Powerbutton and afaik LCD are plugged into the unity. Enertion has to provide a new BMS under warranty.


I have 3 options:

  1. Waiting for my Warranty BMS from enertion (bad idea, want to ride this summer)

  2. trying to repair the faulty bms like in the video

  3. purchasing diebiems?

…or get yourself a 15dollar bms until enertion ships a new one. This wont be your last board anyway :wink:

I have one of these tiny charge-only bms in my hummie deck. This is the 10s version



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but is it compatible with the powerbutton and lcd from the raptor 2.1?

Doesn’t have to. The unity itself drives powerbutton and lcd. I use this bms with a unity (no lcd tho) but you can check, the lcd wires should be plugged into the unity?

Edit, yes the small top left plug should be the display 53695241_2208677202796298_6520097396714854540_n

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2 cables (+/-) go directly from the LCD to the Unity. but I don’t see a direct connection from the powerbutton to unity.

The above picture shows the powerbutton plug - the one with 4 wires. The other one on the left is the receiver plug.

Sounds good! Now i need a faster supplier. ETA is next month. :thinking:

Hello @rideTastic

I believe we spoke over Wechat and Email (check your inbox). I have found a solution and i’m sure we can get you sorted asap. As long as you confirm, I can ship it today


Hello! Yes we spoke via wechat and email. I’m V.

Yes PLEASE @barajabali i would also pay a fee for express shipping.

Excellent, I’ll shoot you an email


Got the same exact issue on my R2.1 no2. Did you get it going?

Does this one work with the Raptor 2.1?

Any 10s li-ion bms will work.

Can you suggest one for the Raptor 2.1? I rather go good than cheap. Plus what about amp rating? It’s a stock Raptor 2.1

A BMS is only as good as you taking the time to check on it regularly to make sure everything is working as it should be.

I won’t recommend any BMS as I don’t trust any of them enough to put my name to a recommendation.

An easy way to keep an eye on cell levels is to use a smart BMS, but I doubt you will find one that will fit in such a small space.

Bms amp rating doesnt really matter as you can just bypass the BMS for discharge. As long as it can support your charge current, which nearly any BMS would, it will be fine.

Just make sure to find one that has balancing function. Not all of them do.

Also, you’ll get a far better response over on the real forum - forum.

Make an account and ask your question over there, this place is dead.

Thank you so much for your help. Gladly appreciate