Which BMS should I choose for a 10s lipo setup?

Hi there guys, I’ve been doing research for about 2 months now for my eboard build and still haven’t really found a conclusive answer to my question. At the moment I have a mono drive diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-single-motor-mechanical-kit/ and a vesc and 6355 190kv motor also from . I recently made an order off hobbyking for 5 2s 5000mah 40c zippy lipos and plan to build a pack similar to @Namasaki http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/high-power-10s-lipo-battery-pack-with-bms/10014. In the future i plan to upgrade to a dual motor setup.

So, here are the options that i think i have and i was hoping for some clarification as to which one to choose (cheaper is better as I’m still in high school :wink:). I just want to add that bestech is off the list as their min order is two. Also, I’m in New Zealand btw.

So, from what ive seen batterysupports is the place to go after bestech, but i don’t know whether to go for a 60a or 80a bms if i plan to climb some killer hills with dual motors in the future, http://www.batterysupports.com/36v-37v-42v-10s-60a-10x-36v-lithium-ion-lipolymer-battery-bms-p-267.html http://www.batterysupports.com/36v-37v-42v-10s-80a-10x-36v-lithium-ion-lipolymer-battery-bms-p-389.html

Yet, I have found some BMS’s on Aliexpress that look really good, and, I was wondering why i haven’t really seen anyone using them.


Then there is this one on ebay that looks identical to batterysupports bms

Cheers guys for your help


These are currently the best available http://bestechpower.com/37v10spcmbmspcbforli-ionli-polymerbatterypack/PCM-D223V1.html

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I second that. I’ve had both SuPower and BesTech, BesTech FTW.

Do you know anything about this model?


Not really and I couldn’t find its dimensions in the description though it looks rather large. Maybe double the size of the one I’m using. I would imagine that it is rather pricey as well.


HCX-D223V1 L120mmW80mmT25mm

So like twice as long but thinner

The length is a deal breaker for me. Have you inquired about the price? It has a lot of features and options. Sounds expensive

I just emailed them. The last company I asked how much their smart bms costs they said $1500 I think it should be a little less than that.

This one has a ton of cool features http://www.chargery.com/BMS16.asp

Which bms would you guys recommend if i use it only for charging with 10s 4A charger?


Hey, Namasaki! I was gonna buy one of these, but there doesn’t seem to be any order/purchase button anywhere on the site there; also no price indication either. Where do you buy them from then?

You have to call or email them.

Thanks, Mmaner!

I would not recommend a charge only BMS

Thanks guys for your help, I tried to contact bestech but they still haven’t replied. To be honest I don’t really want to go with them as, I’m not interested in ordering 2 boards to meet the minimum requirements for an order which from what i’ve seen is the case. From the other options there which would be best?? Thanks again

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Im building a 2x 6355 board which theoretically could pull as much as 125 amps from the battery and I see many people use the 60 Amp Supower BMS. I remember a topic of someone measuring the max amps during an uphill run, and it turned out to be much less than the max advertised amps of the motors. Is it correct that in practice you’ll rarely pull more than 60 amps and therefore the Supower is suitable, even for discharge?

Just what i do atm: Take the smallest BMS i can find, bypass discharge and use a fuse with my desired rating. Need the space for batterys!

Unless it’s a mountain board 60 amps is plenty

@Nordle for real there has to be a better way to save 20 bucks than cheap out on the BMS.


Bestech 80A 10S smart bms


Do you think that is a fair price?