Which BMS to use?

Hey guys, Im currently planning a build with a dual 6374 190kV motor, 2 vesc from torqueboards and a set of Samsung 30Q 18650 Batteries in a 12S4P config. Im currently looking at a BMS from Battery Supports. Will this BMS work? Should I go for a BMS with a lower amp or a higher amp?


Hey id say the higher amps are only if you want to use the bms to also discharge the batteries like when you are riding or you only want to use it to balance charge your batteries

Supports Max. Continuing Discharge Current: 60A

so this will depend on how much current will your motors use. I saw some guys are using a lower price bms to only charge the batteries and bypassed it when discharging.

I see this a lot and don’t fully understand it. can you clear up the advantages and disadvantages to using a BMS only for charging or charging and discharging ? Or is it only that you can use a cheaper BMS for charging only?

Bms will have some protections for overcharge over current etc for charging but it also have protection for under discharge. so if you discharge your batteries under Over-discharged Protection: 2.9 ± 0.05 V in your case then bms will cut the power so your batteries wont get damaged. if you bypass the bms it wont know when the batteries are discharged and you might damage them. with bypassed bms it will only balance charge your pack

You can also set some limitations on vesc tho so i think this is why people do bypass on discharge or just be careful not to discharge batteries under 2.9-3V per cell

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Its faster to search than to wait for reply :wink:

I’ve read a descent amount, just curious his summation :wink:.

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I wonder if those Vescs can handle 12s

I’m running 12s mono with tb vesc in bldc, hasn’t gone bad after 100+ miles.

wouldn’t attempt foc though.