Which boards have push to start? A summary

If you own or have ridden a board, please comment with if it has push to start or not. This includes escs. If you want to add push to start to your existing esc setup, use https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/push-to-start-switch-out-now/60879. (not my product)

The following for sure have got push to start:


I think meep has it but im not sure

Yeah i think all meepos have it, Im not quite sure tho.

also mellow has them

I mean. We all have push to start now with @Martinsp switch and the unity.

Yeah but i’m asking which have it without any other equipment

what do you mean by “equipment”

What’s the point of this? (not to be rude)

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I really like the feature and I’m not made of money :laughing:

All boards by diyeboards have that feature The ridtips r1 That fabtrav board A bunch of other cheapo boards

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The extra switch

I feel you, understand though that no decent dollar-value production board has such a feature. Only Diyeboards

And the switch isn’t extra , it’s a necessary component

You need some kind of antispark and Martins is €35. Not far off the price of a cheap antispark. It looks like you’re clutching for a solution when there’s one right there

escs come with their own switch inside, how is it necessary?

Why do you need an antispark, don’t all escs come with them inside? (mine does)

You’ve got some reading to do


Care to fill me in? Tbh I don’t think I do, i’m going to get an esc, not a vesc so I don’t think i need to worry about it thanks.

flipsky has these smart switches as well https://flipsky.net/collections/new-accessories/products/antispark-switch-smart-280a

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diyeboard is a known scammer


Yep, thanks for sharing!

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