Which Charger? Classic 50W Imax b6 or turnigy 80W 10a

Hey guys I need to buy a new charger from hobbyking Do i go with classic 50W Imax b6 no psu

Or turnigy 80W 10a

I’d get something with a adjustable end of charge voltage, do some searches… by going to a 4.15v charge instead of a 4.2v you get better battery life and don’t miss out on that much juice :wink:

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I have to buy it from hobby king got 15 euros credits there Would the imax b6 do that?

Any recommendations?

I dont see any other option on hobbyking website guys Which one looks better dudes?

my thoughts: accucel mote watts means playing it safer.

Imax b6 better Reads on voltage IR etc.

I would have taken the Turnigy 80w one. 1.98A vs 3.1A charging current…

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I bought this one, and very good price for the fact you can charge 2 batteries at once. ( right now charging 3 batteries at once atm ) used a 3s balance cable to convert to 6s


I was surprised at the quality.of the new reactor chargers from HK, the 80w, very solid…