Which controller do you use?

Hey All- Wondering what controller everyone uses? Use the comments to give us your thoughts on why you use one or why you don’t use another.


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I’m testing this one right now and am planning to buy them wholesale to sell to the community. Been working great so far :slight_smile:


I use one of these. Solid connection, two speed modes, and good throw on the thumb stick.

Yea, I’m loving the looser throttle, the far travel and the ergonomics. I also prefer thumb control over trigger. Battery also seems pretty great.

I think I’m using an older revision so I purchased a sample from the company to test out their new receiver with a wire antenna. If everything goes well it should be up for sale in October.

Awesome, would love to hear a full review on that remote!

Curious about what everyone’s “other” is aside from @Jinra 's Model?

Used this one from aliexpress for a while, really liked it: 2.5Ghz mini remote, guess it’s the same one as the TB mini controller or the esk8.de mini remote (only a guess, they just look so similar), but looks like I killed the antenna of the receiver with vibrations, so using the “Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System” temporarily, which so far works too.

Put in a vote for the TB mini controller, hope thats ok.

i use the chozen mod/penguin mod for the G2TB Controller made by @MasterCho. Its amazing, comes in a bunch of different colours and you don’t have to de-solder the usb port for charging. Really useful and convenient

Anyone interested in a winning remote? $40 shipped bound to a better reciever.

I never said controllers are for idiots… I simply did it because it could be done.

I know :slight_smile: I just like being a cheeky monkey

Can you bind winning remote to gt2b receiver?



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Yes, i bound it to a hobby king hk-gt2r receiver which has an external antenna. Works on Ch 3.


Did that fix any of your issues with it?

It fixed the range issue but not the acceleration issue. The acceleration issue may be due to the ppm settings on the Vesc. It tended to maintain acceleration for half a second after punching it and letting go of the trigger while unloaded. While loaded (me on the board) I never punched it but felt a little lag on deceleration, however breaks were instantaneous. It may be natural behavior of a ppm controller but I never checked with my other RC controller. It may also be something in the Vesc settings. I ended up buying a nunchuck which doesnt have the deceleration lag.

Hey Jinra, how’s the remote treating you? I’m thinking about getting one as well to replace the bulkier gt2b

Been pretty flawless so far. One of mine has a glitch where it may or may not connect when you first start it up, but my other one is fine. To fix, you just turn the remote off and on again, but it never disconnects while riding.

Can you provide a link as to where you got yours?

I got mine direct from mfg, but you can buy one here.

I was going to sell them on the forum, but they seem to be cheap and readily available on ali.

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