Which Deck Do You Like More?

I’m at toss up between http://www.skateshred.com/index.php/wholesale-blank-longboard-decks/36-x-9-5-downhill-kicktail-canadian-maple-cmdh36-463.html that deck and

I’m leaning towards the first one since the bacon style concave gives me a better spot to mount my enclosure and looks like it locks your feet in well. the bottom will be wrapped with 5D carbon vinyl and top painted matte red with hexagon griptape

  • Deck 1 4lyfe
  • Deck 2 4lyfe

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NGL. First deck looks dope AF.

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Which trucks and wheels? Wheel bite sucks, if you’re gonna have to run risers on the 1st deck Id go for the 2nd.

running 97mm clones with 195mm paris v2’s

I’m perfectly fine with risers ( I used to run 1" risers :joy:) I am really just after a deck the will fit my 9" wide enclosure from @psychotiller

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oh yea, I also think with the wheel wells and the way it slopes up at the back I should be able to run without risers

I personally hate having my deck any higher than necessary but if you are cool with it :ok_hand:. Deck one wins in style points imo.

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yea I don’t love risers but I love the way that deck looks


If you like how that deck loocks, then I got some porn for you !

I like mine better because who doesn’t like bacon :wink:

Then definetly go for it. I mean at that price you gotta take it if you like it that much ! You never have enough decks :slight_smile:

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just gotta wait for my allowance to get dumped into my bank account! Ive already got some cf wrap, wrapcut and 3m primer (guide by @treenutter) and will get the laser cutter set up in the next few weeks :grin:

sweet ! sounds awesome. I myself like my deck all natural, beautiful wood and an awesome shape gets me everytime… You know those crazy women with literally 50 pair of shoes, well that is me with decks lol.

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mom? is that you?

haha. Man kinda wanted 2 pieces of this one for science. But damn shipping would kill it with 85$… http://www.skateshred.com/index.php/downhill-kicktail-dark-walnut-deck.html

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your not in US? shipping for the other deck is free for me

SHIT. shipping is $20 for that one deck

other deck it is

eh no, switzerland…

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What’s that?..I’m Asian, not getting beat was my allowance. Seriously


hahaha I think your forgetting that I’m a privileged white boy

My parents were pretty well off, just traditionally cheap. If my dad was still alive he MIGHT beat me for being into this expensive hobby… Funny thing is, he was an electrical & mechanical engineer. He never bought me toys, he just made them