Which dual motors can I run on 12s with and fit on one truck?

So Im trying to make my board faster I’m currently useing a single sk3 6374 with 32t and 18t and 98mm wheels I was using zippy 3s 5000mah batterys with 20c and 12s but I kept braking then from pulling to many amps so I ordered 3 4s 6000mah 45c witch will be way better, I hit 33mph with the old batterys and don’t know if upgrading will improve speed? But I was wondering if you could run this motor on 12s?https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-5055-280kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html and if I do run 2 of them how much more speed will I be getting but it mite be faster just to use 2 sk3 6473 dyagonal but it looks nicer with 2 on the same trucks

That motor wouldn’t be good to run a 12s battery on it. but what you can do is if you want to stay cheap you will remain in “hobby” or “enthusiast” grade motors i would suggest that you run 2 motors so that they will split the amp draw and for a better top speed figure your gear ratios in favor to the large diameter wheel. But finally make sure that you have a good battery. i suggest buying from Enertion, Miami electric skateboards, or buy from Torque boards… all options are great but a good 12s battery should be your next move along with another motor or a pair of “professional” motors.

General convention is to not run >190kv on 12s with VESC. I run 2 6374 diagonal and 2 6355 dual, all 190kv on VESC given erpm 60,000 danger zone. Can run dual rear 6364 Tacon bigfoot 245kv on 12s but with TB 120a esc on a @psychotiller widetruck for example.

The batterys I ordered where $190 in all it puts out 270a constant witch is way more than any pre built batterys also what are professional motors, and is there anywhere I can get bigger motor gears bc if I did get another 6374 then I would probly want to up my gear form 18 to 20 or something bc with the setup I had it was till plenty of tork, I snapped a belt


20T motor pulley

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Bigger wires, for every connection, more motors to distribute the load thinking AWD? if you distribute the load of current flow to more motors theoretically that should be enough to keep your motors cool and your battery. but the range will be depleted you won’t necessarily go faster you can get custom sized toothed pulleys from Miami electric skateboards. they are a good price an shipping is low if you are in the USA. you should look a the motor specs. but make sure that you are running2 motors so that you aren’t snapping belts all over the place. that would distribute the load of torque over both wheels instead of one. you’ll have more traction and in certain situations that could about to more speed. i would recommend getting your motors from Enertion, torque boards, or miami electric skateboards. motor sizes for a RWD board would be (x2) 6355, diagonal wheel drive (DWD) 6355, 6365, or 6374 your last option would be AWD and you can get all hub motors or you can just get (x4) 6355 motors. i would personally go to miami electric skateboards and order your custom wheel pulley at the specs of 15mm wide more than 40 teeth and a belt long enough to handle the added teeth.