Which ESC to chose


So I am still planning my first board build and I am stuck on the ESC selection, the motor which I want to use is as follows

It says that it wants an 80/100A ESC and I wondered if I should leave any headroom when picking an ESC as I don’t want it to melt of course, I have found a few but I really don’t know how to distinguish an ESC which would be suitable for this and one used for a boat (for example) The battery which I am using is a 10s2p Lithium Ion pack and want to hook it up to a BMS just used to charge it and use the ESC’s built in cut off voltage as the safety thank you

What is your price limit. I would definitely invest in a VESC if I were you. You can search VESC FAQ in the search bar to learn more a bout. Basically it is an ESC specifically designed for the Esk8 community, and it is loads better than any esc

I’ve heard a lot about the vesc, how long do they last as I have heard that they are very fragile? And how many amps does it support?

I don’t know a lot about the specifics of the VESC. I’ll leave that for others to answer, but durability wise, as long as you setup the settings correctly, and purchase it from a reputable brand, it will probably last longer than most other esc’s