Which esc would be a better option

i dont know which to esc to pick between.

Link #1 http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_28377__Hobbyking_174_X_Car_120A_Brushless_Car_ESC_sensored_sensorless.html link#2 http://www.rcjuice.com/fvt-120a-brushless-sensored-sensorless-car-esc-2-6s.html

my motor http://www.ebay.com/itm/5065-50-65-270KV-Heavy-duty-brushless-Sensored-motor-2-6KG-3-8S-for-Skateboard-/181913685694

Do you mean esc?

yes… mistake

Can’t use the first one…is only good up to 3s

I’m using the same motor


Go with the FVT 120a from rcjuice I have great experience with them and have not had any problems with the same esc

You could also check out this thread

alright thanks

how good is the motor

We shall see seems fine…only time will tell…I’m using the motor of a light build in a Sensored configuration

It’s tough to find a motor in the price range

To be honest I’d recommend that you move up a motor size to 63mm motor for your first build …

I know how the board I’m making will be used…no hills …on flat ground…and it won’t be pushed to high speed …so I know The 50mm will be fine

well thats what i will use it for. only flats

Then should be fine…

It’s a sensored motor so I figured I’d just use a sensored esc