Which Flipsky VX1 Variant for Focbox Unity

I did some searching, but wasn’t able to find a post that would help.

Which “variant” should I select for the Focbox Unity?


What you need? A remote or a Flipsky esc instead of focbox?

I am looking to buy the remote.

I want to select the correct VX1 “variant” to go with the Focbox.

The list it shows on the site is below:

  • Single V4
  • Dual V4
  • Single V6
  • Dual V6
  • Non VESC (Or VESC PPM mode)

You could try your luck here:

TLDR: Non VESC (Or VESC PPM mode) works with Unity.

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You’ll want the ppm one

It doesn’t matter, it just changes the cables they include. Get one of the VESC4/6 ones so you can use the cables if you decide to use UART control

Thanks everyone!

@bigH so what did you get in the end?

I got the recommended PPM version.

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Could I please see the pinout your cable uses to connect the receiver to the Unity? I couldn’t figure it out on my own and UART doesnt seem to work with VESC6.6

The 6.6 variant has an extra pin so u just need to change it and u are good to go