Which foam do you use for components cushioning?

Short question: which foam do you use for the battery/components cushioning?

I found this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/162036101818 Is it any good for this purpose?

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I use what I can find easily. Ive used that pink flexible rubbery stuff that electronics are shipped in, yoga mats, whatever.

I actually bought that stuff 2 days ago! I decided to go for the 3mm thickness. It will be a while before I receive it but (if you haven’t ordered it yourself) I will let you know how it well it works once I have tested it.

i am using EVA 3mm foam to prevent vesc knocking the board and vesc casing.

I used polyurethane foam for a while but it played havoc with my electronics so I tore it out. So far nothing has been able to beat insulation tape and hot glue.