Which GT2B mod has enough space for additional arduino nano, hc-05 module and 0.96" oled display

So I want to build controller with telemetry for vesc. There should be enough space for arduino nano, hc-05 module and 0.96" oled display. Maybe any of you have modified one of the gt2b cases? Or there already exists one?

That is a BadWolf V2 case. It can be found on thingiverse

I want to do the same but I don’t know how to power gt2b and arduino with the same lipo …

voltage step-down converter?

3.3v step down / buck converter.

I’m also going to build a GT2b mod (Sparkle) with Arduino, BT module and OLED display. Need to order a GT2b battery and get a Vesc first …

Hope it fits in the sparkle GT2B mod…

Arduino pro mini is suitable for this application.

why not just use the nano and bt or nrf for control? dual radio is overkill…

Battery for gt2b = hobbyking 2s 800 Mah pack split in half :slight_smile:

I’ve already printed a sparkle too :slight_smile:

How do you think I can wire all the things ?

Lipo 3.7V wired to the gt2b and the arduino in parallel (including a step down converter on the arduino side) ?

Sorry for my english …

Find out that you can use a channel port, they have a 3.3V output. Which means that the GT2B will power the arduino. The benefits are that you can use the gt2b charge part :slight_smile:

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THIS one has lots of room inside, but the standoffs are too thin and snap off with any rough tightening of the screws. Otherwise, it’s comfortable. I’m working on a Sparkle now, it’s probably similar.

awesome. keep me posted if you want me to make little adjustment to the SPARKLE.