Which Hub Motors?

I know there are other posts about this, but some seem slightly outdated.

I just want to know what Hub Motors you guys would recommend.

CarvOn seems to be a slight favorite, but they seem pretty expensive. This would be a Single Motor Build, and strictly used for flat ground. Any Suggestions?


Talk to @LEVer

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There is a reason they are more expensive. They work.


This is not outdated. Almost everything has been said there.

Iā€™m extremely happy with my CarvOn hubs. What sold me was the maturity of the platform as @LEVer is revving on v3 while other offerings are still in their first iteration.

@Hummie motors are good as

hummies new motor should be fine for a single setup.

I was looking into buying @Hummie single motor. But I could only find their double. Could you reference me?

@Hummie is coming out with a motor that is longer so you can use it for single drives. steelhubs.com is where you buy them

Does he have an ETA?

Might have to ask him

Hopefully by the holidays.

You have any suggestions on a deck? Iā€™m rocking a 46" flexy af sector 9 board atm. Want to get something with medium flex around the 36" range.

Have a look at some websites such as daddies, muir skate etc. Input the specs you want and it will show you a few. Also check out some threads on this forum such as this: