Which is less likely to get you hassled and possibly harmed? Sidewalk or street

As I was leaving the doctors, I crossed the street, so as to go WITH traffic. As I am crossing the street, I see a motorcycle cop. I am starting to get anxious, and duck into a parking lot. Then I feel foolish. So, I travel on the sidewalk. Luckily, he was bending down and had been, so didnt see me.

It is I THINK legal to travel on sidewalk, at a safe pace. We have golf cart lanes here, so that is legal, but I am not so certain that a cop wont hassle and ticket mew anyway.

I use my board as a disability scooter. But even that does not feel like I wont get hassled.

Do cops even know the law? I have been hassled and ticketed, found guilty, for NONLAWS before. Had to appeal, and was enjoined by the Cal. AG, at that time, Kamala Harris. But I was found guilty till then.

I dont feel much safer than if this were Russia or ? Are there some booklets or such, I can carry, to not get my head bashed, or arrested or such, to prove I am acting legally?

To include, on my way home from store, there is a light that is not triggered by my board, and so I must cross on red. But, light wont ever turn green.

Also, can a cop confiscate my board? they use to I know.

The cops in my town, are chill, as we are all old, but the cop I saw was a CHP. I hate having to fear cops like my life depends on it. If you knew my history, you would understand. I have been swatted three times. Handcuffed and threatened by rogue cops.

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Depends on where you live. Some say its illegal. And others are in the gray area so they don’t mind them, as long as you are responsible.

Were you acting illegally before? Jokes aside, just be you and try not to act suspicious. Most cops just look at how you act when you see them. Acting normal is usually not looked upon. But for an esk8, as stated, depends on where you are.

Yes, depending. No if it isn’t causing havoc.

If you had issues with officials before, it is not easy to handle the pstd that comes from it. However, if you just do what you do and if the law where you live has a gray area on motorized vehicles, you should be fine. But, check on your law about that. I live in New York and haven’t had issues with anyone, despite going 40+ mph.

But this is new york. Different place, different laws.

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