Which is the 3d printer material to make an enclosure?


i want to create an enclosure for my eboard on this website

but i see a lot of options out there: PLA ABS HIPS PETG FlexPLA Recreus FilaFlex Resin Castable Resin Formlabs Standard Resin Ninjaflex Nylon (FDM) VisiJet etc.

also on thingverse i see a lot of paramters for the 3d printer like… Round BShell TxtSize Thick FPanel Height Length etc…

1- do you know which is the best material?

2- can you recommend me parameters for the printer?

i just want something durable that don’t crack with one hit

thank you

Nylon is really strong. Maybe Flex because it doesnt bend and will not crack that easily.

The parameters depend on your printer! I think @JLabs should chime in here :wink:

I used PETG for my enclosure, and actually everything I print these days. It is strong, sticks nicely to bed, and doesn’t get jammed.

thanks for the info! @DeathCookies @Cptanpanic

1- do you created the model or you downloaded it from internet? can i get the file?

2- i can choose between 100-500 microns, which size do you recommend?

I havent printed esk8 parts yet…[quote=“miquelcamps, post:4, topic:9512”] 2- i can choose between 100-500 microns, which size do you recommend? [/quote]

if you have a lot of details in you print you should aim low microns! If you have a simple box go with the high microns your printer is supporting because you have less layers that have to bond to each other. Thus it will be more solid.

There are several designs on Thingiverse and you can design in 123D Design really easily (lowest learning curve for creating 3d objects to print). Only downside to 3d printing is you can only print as large as your bed will allow which usually isn’t large enough. You can create several pieces and fit them together but that isn’t great either. Check out @psychotiller site. He has several nice enclosures he makes out of ABS and the cost/turnaround time isn’t bad. He’ll even make you an enclosure with specs you provide. His work can be seen throughout this forum and his site.

Sorry just saw you are using a 3rd party to print your part, you should still checkout psychotillers site as the cost might be competitive .

Yeah I plan to upload models this week.

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I have been looking for 3D model software. I haven’t tried anything yet. I know after effects but I need to try modeling soon. I really want to break into the 3D printing world.

ABS cracks, and nylon is over kill and to strong. I don’t see tesnsil 3d fuel pla. I with that.

PS sorry I didn’t respond quicker I thought I hit the reply button but didn’t. And when I came back to the topic I still had the reply in the text box

Nylon would be my choice

Look up Taulman Alloy 910. It’s pretty common in 3DHub too.

What is special about it compare to normal PLA?

High strength and better heat resistance.

I would use PLA,CF or PETG with 3-4mm wall thickness with 100% infill for the large size because they have less shrinkage problems during the printing than ABS. Nylon is very strong yet, prone to warping. I have been using TaulmanTECH-G 3D Printing Filament(PETG) I have a good result for the strength instead of Nylon.

I used CF filament and I reinforced inside of the enclosure with CFcloth for the flex but for the stiff deck it should be fine without it.

i find something interesting a plastic that you can mold with your hands only using 60ºC hot water and then when you finish put it in cold water to make the plastic hard.

check it out

official shop 200 gr - $30 http://shop.plastimake.com/

a 500 gr bag on amazon costs 17,95 € https://www.amazon.es/s/ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank?keywords=plastimake&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aplastimake&__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅZÕÑ&qid=1473967042&sort=price-asc-rank

what do you think?

Can anyone recommend proper wall thickness for the enclosure to be durable and not to crack? 1.6mm is to little ?? should i go around 3mm ?

I’ve got 4mm. Have harsh roads sometimes and it did not crack yet. Eliminate sharp corners and round them out… 3mm might be possible if you make sure layer adhesion is on point :slight_smile: