Which is the minimum constant discharge value for longboard batteries?

This is my first new topic in this forum, Im trying to get the components to built my first eboard but the main problem right now seems to choose a good battery so I can get a large range.

Anyone has tested diferent kind of batteries with different discharge value? I’m planning to order thismultistar 6s 16000mah, but I dont know if the value of discharge is too low, would be great to get opinions and diferent ideas.

I will probably unpack this batteries so I can make thinner form and fill the wheelbase. And gonna use a Turnigy SK3 motor between 190kv and 245kv.

PD: I’m not english speaker, probably I have some writing mistakes.

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There are already two posts this week opened on this same topic, probably due tot he fact that HK have interesting sales on the Multistar batteries. One is simply called “Multistar” and the other one “6S 12 ah LIPO”. There are already a lot of information in these threads

Yep sorry, you are right I already saw this post, but info wasn’t much clear so i’ll post there. Thanks