Which is your favourite method to create an enclosure?


i see a lot of people in this forum who did their own enclosure, i’m in the process of doing mine too :slight_smile:

can you vote your favourite method?

we also can discuss about which one is more cheaper, more easy, less toxic and so on…

  • 3d printed
  • epoxy resin
  • foaming machine abs
  • kydex thermoforming
  • other? leave a comment below

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lol I wanted to say vacuum forming machine

which kind of plastic are you using to print in 3d ? PLA, PETG, other?

I would be inclined to print in ABS or Nylon, and then for the ABS I’d seal it with acetone.

I like to stare at sheets of abs until they change shape.


T-6 aluminum and chromoly. For banging the belly an not blowing it up