Which motor on VESC4.12


Got a board running a VESC 4.12 with a 6355, was wondering what is the biggest 63** motor I would be safe running on 10s with this VESC?

Any thoughts?

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60k erpm limit lookitup

I might be getting the wrong end of the stick but from what I’ve read the erpm limit is in relation to the KV of the motor and number of poles not the size? There are amp figures quoted for the VESC but all motors I’ve looked at quotes higher than the 50a listed for the vesc?

What is your motors kv? Multiply that with your battery voltage and then multiply your answer by 7. Example:

190kv×42v (don’t do nominal since you want the maximum rpm) Then multiply by 7 since your erpm can be divided by 7 for max rpm (and that your motors are usually 14 poles/7pairs)

55,860 is the max erpm of this setup. Anything higher and you will need a vesc 6 since it has over 100k limit.

If you are doing this setup, make sure you aren’t going down a steep hill very fast. You will lose control of the esc due to it passing the erpm limit, and that’s something you don’t want.


Thanks, it’s 190kv on 10s. I get the erpm limit but are there issues with running bigger motors? At the moment it’s on a 6355 and I wanted to know if i can run a 6374 or 6384 without blowing anything up?