Which motor will draw more amps from my batteries?

plan is to build an electric mountainboard from parts I already have from an old project. I already have an old brushed scooter motor 24v 250w which I would overvolt to 36v and the controller is a 4Qd Uni 8 30amps continuous 115max. (I know using this overvolted motor may burn out but it did work well in an old project)

Or I could buy a new bigger 36v 750w brushed scooter motor

I know most of you will say the thing to do with e skateboards is to get a programmable vesc and run brushless motors ect ect but I am not doing that with this project. this is just a fun cheap project I want to just use parts I have got already (or maybe just buy a new cheaper brushed scooter motor). As I know they work well from my old project.

What I want to know is will the 24v 250w motor overvolted to 36v draw more amps from my battery than a new 36v 750w motor using this 4qd Uni8 controller?

Or will having a bigger 750w motor at the correct voltage actually be more efficient/ longer runtime less amps? or could they have similar results?

Anyone have any ideas which might work better?

am just spitballing here… but maybe the 24v motor won’t work for very long at 36v. also brushed motors are so 1998. sorry… go for brushless outrunners - wayyyyyyy more efficient