Which motor wire (color) correspond to vesc wire? turnigy sk8 149kv

Hello everyone,

Do You know somebody and help me with connecting Trampa Vesc6 with turnigy Sk8 149kv? I don’t know which cable is A, B and C…


It does not matter, if the motor is in reverse after you have plugged in the 3 phase wires than switch two wires.

so can I plug whatever color anywhere

Yes. Just make sure the 3 wires don’t touch each other.

And please, do You know if this sensor color connecting is also good?


Power and ground are on the correct place, so you won’t damage it when plugging in. I have seen that people had hall sensor (H1 H2 H3) wired differently and they needed to switch the cabled, but don’t worry about that, if you would have this problem too, you motor would shutter.

Thank you for the answer, I wasn’t sure if I could trust the factory. I read that the Maytech engine has to switch cables I think, so I wasn’t sure. Thanks

Hey však ty jsi ze Slovenska ne? :slight_smile:

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You don’t need to change sensor wire assignment on SK8, just plug it :sunglasses:

If the motor spins in wrong direction you can click “Invert Motor Direction” in VESC-Tool instead of switching 2 phase wires.

Don’t forget to use the brasstube (cut to needed length) between motor bearing and pulley/gear because this motors have no circlip.

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If you don’t do this then the motors self destruct. Theres no instruction for its use either. Ask me how I know?

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Even if you do this it’s no guarantee that they survive :joy:

That’s a dead SK8 with several issues, this is one of them


Please refrain from creating new topics for single simple questions. You will have better luck in the noob questions thread. It has helped me, and it will help you.


First batch sk8 and they redesigned the innards after apparently. It now shares the sk3 hardware and is a lot more reliable.

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Like this :slight_smile: ?? I’ve already Got It

image image image image image


Where you get this tubs? I have the same motors and lost those tubs.

I bought them together with the engines

Hej, jasné :D. Som pozeral na facebooku, že v Prahe vám celkom pekná komunita vzniká

Jojo, už se teším až někam vyrazím s nima ale ještě toho musím dost udělat. Čeká mě ještě baterie ale nevím kde bych měl koupit nějaké kvalitní BMS. Nejlépe by to chtělo už hotový set bms s pojistkou, vypínačem a loop key dohromady. Ale to bych chtěl moc

When i did this with my Torqueboard 6374 it always sounded different and had more struggle to start.

how did you solve it? did you change your cables?