Which of these builds is best for city riding?

I currently ride a DIY board with 100mm hub motors and am looking for a change, however I can’t decide which “style” build.I should go for. I want to build something that offers a really smooth ride, aggressive torque and acceleration, and long range and have budgeted around $1700 for it. However, I can’t decide which of the following will be the best build for me.

  1. A belt driven board with 6x2 AT tires and normal trucks
  2. A Patriot style board with DIYEboards AT trucks
  3. An eLofty DD with 6X2s
  4. An eLofty DD with TB110s
  5. Something else?

No matter which of these I choose I’ll be going with a 12S battery and a 6.6 VESC.

Which of these would you build?

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This is ideal 4 u. Really good components tried and tested by many people in the DIY scene. The trucks are bullet proof the wheels are solid. The motors are considered by many the best motors for Esk8 att that price point.

I can back up the wheels and motor I have them personally.

O btw this place is a ghost town migrate to Esk8 News forum. Lot more active.

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I’d drop the DD options, so much more power available w/ belt/gear drives.

Your first job is to pick out a deck/enclosure that will fit your battery and electronics.

Idk what “long” range is to you, but you could be shooting for anywhere from 15-25AH, which might have to be a double stack configuration depending on how big the deck is that you choose and which cells.

The haggyboards drive setup is a good choice, if a little pricey. You can spend a few more $$ and get an Avio AT gear drive as well.

W/ your budget, I’d buy:

$150 Landyacht Evo 40

$150 eboosted DS enclosure

$4-700, depending on how it gets built: 12S8P 30Q

$675 ($910 w/ gear drives) Haggyboards complete drive system

$100-200 Smaller things like metr Pro/bluetooth so you don’t have to open your enclosure to mess w/ software, remote of your choice, grip tape, misc hardware, etc

If I wanted to spend a little less and have a sweet carver style board, while sacrificing some range, it might look like this:

$200 EBS deck+enclosure

$4-600 12S6P VTC6

$200 MBS matrix II trucks

$50 motor mounts

$100 2x 6384 motors

$2-300 wheels/tires/pulleys/belts

$1-200 misc

But you could easily spend a few more dollars and swap out the deck/enclosure for a Trampa + DS for $125 more to fit a 8p pack in it.

Oh the wonders of DIY, you’ve got some decisions to make.