Which of these two wheels?

Hi! First post here. I have been working on a DIY Esk8 design for quite a while now, and am about to buy the first parts for a prototype: the wheels.

The direction I am aiming for is a 90 cm (3 foot) board with large wheels (150-200 mm or 6-8 inch). This is mainly due to the city I am living in having a lot of uneven brick streets. I had my eyes on pneumatic wheels (6 inch or 8 inch), but also came across these:

They are 200mm or 8 inch solid wheels, with polyurethane of hardness 75 A. They are originally meant for scooters.

With my lack of experience, I cannot decide between the two, so maybe some of you can help me making a decision. I plan on riding on paved roads (although with some holes/kinks in them) and very light offroad.

Would these quite sick looking wheels be any good for that, or should I stick with pneumatic wheels?

I would not recommend anything like these. I tried some 175mm inline skate wheels before.

May I suggest some MAD wheels? They will work much better.

Good to know! It’s hard finding the right kind of wheels here in the Netherlands, since E-skating is practically illegal here. I’ll have a look at the MAD wheels. Thanks!

Narrow wheels will tramline WORSE than fatter ones. In brick lane etc.

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Not to mention using wheels like these will just cause another problem down the build line of hub adapters. While these will roll over most road imperfections they won’t do it comfortably. There just isn’t enough urethane there to absorb vibrations or give you the level of grip you need . Stick to pneumatic wheels.

If you don’t like range and don’t mind flat tires.

Each build can be optimized in many different ways. It depends on the goals. Some things are good for certain goals, and other things are good for other goals.

Agreed. I fully agree

I just said that about pneumatics because he gave us 2 options. Those skinny wheels or pneumatics. And between those 2coptions I chose pneumatics. Wasn’t going to bring up other options cause he only gave us a choice between the 2.