Which one VESC is better? Options in EU

Which one VESC is better? This one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VESC-4-12-Motor-controller-open-source-BLDC-Speed-Controller-VESC-vedder-Pcb-/182231359108?hash=item2a6dd5de84:g:oFwAAOSwZ1BXe6Ct or from esk8.de? Maybe there are some people, who tried and compared both? Any other options in EU?

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I’m not advertising, but must say I’m pretty impressed with the quality esk8.de puts on the table. For a 20 euro difference I wouldn’t mind it. You’ll get the extra service from them and a piece of GERMAN quality.


I believe enertion now has them in stock with free shipping? On sale too, about 70 quid a pop?

I was told they sold out of VESC in record time… next batch is ready Aug. 12… IDK but that might be for North America orders only…

But enertion VESC’s are in Australia. I’ll need to pay imtort taxes, unless they will write lower price on the package.

Where are you located? I was in Belgium and they delivered within a week. The shopowner even posted it after hours so I would get it faster. That’s why I’m so happy with their service.

Enertion has a US warehouse for VESC’s and Space Cell’s. If your non US or ordering other parts they come from Australia

Are enertion VESC’s only onsale because they are on backorder?