Which Plug for 4A charger?

Hello, I´m going to buy this charger https://de.aliexpress.com/item/42-V-4A-Li-Ion-Ladeger-t-Aluminium-Fall-F-r-10-S-36-V-Lipo/32887667488.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.259.6dd83c002YvFwY but I´m not sure which plug I should choose. Is the normal DC plug good enough for 4A charging or should I better go with the XT60? I think the XLR is a little bit bulky. What do you recommend? Thanks

5.5mm X 2.1mm dc plug

XT30 10char

4A is close to the limit for most 5.5 x 2.1mm plugs. That said, 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel plug is by far the most common so if you ever get stuck without a charger and need to charge, you have a lot more chances to find one with this type of plug.

I use this type of plug with my 4A charger. It gets slightly warm but not hot, so I think it is ok.

Well has someone tried 5.5-6.5A with same barrel plug? I guess we will find out how much it heats up then

Thanks, I will go with the normal DC then.

Another question, does 4A charging is too much and maybe it´s better for the batteries to charge with 3A or even 2A for longer lasting and not stressing the batteries so much? What do you think?

I charge at 2a

Its very slow. I think 3a is the perfect balance

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It all depends on cells and configuration you have. In most cases you want to stay bellow 1C, and preferably around 0.5C.

Thinking of buying 5x 2S2P 5000mAh and make a 10S 5000mAh. So if the best is charging at 0.5C, then a 2A or 3A charger would be better for the batteries. Thanks for the info, will go with a smaller charger then.

Don’t. Go for the 4A charger. 1C is standard charge rate for a LiPo. The 0.5C you were quoted was for LiIon cells.

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Alright, thanks. Yes I will go with LiPo packs. I will stick with the 4A charger if it´s not bad for the batteries. It´s still under 1C with a 5000mAh pack.

8amps everyday! No issue so far…


yeah, i was talking about li-io, should have mentioned that, my bad. LiPo can generally take and output a lot more than liion. 4A will be fine for that setup

well, you wont have any obvious issues, just the cycle life will be slightly reduced