Which power supply connector to use for in-board charging? 3pin? RCA?


I’m getting all the parts for my first build.

I’m now researching on which power connector to use to connect my power supply to BMS in the board enclosure.

Power supply I’m after has RCA ( if i’m not mistaken) 10.5 mm connector. I’ve spent some time to find female version but noting waterproof. Power supply is 42V 2A brick.

Here’s a link

A lot of boards use the 3 pin connector ( XLR??) which looks sturdy, unfortunately I couldn’t find female socket which is waterproof or at least with the cover - as I would be afraid it can get water in when mounted on my plastic enertion enclosure. I’m in the UK.

Are 3 pin plugs necessary?

Can you guys share your connectors ? Female and male please.

Thanks for your help!

This is what i use, just get a charger with the same dimensions (5.5x2.1mm)

Which socket do you use? Is it waterproof ?

What do you mean what socket? The one I posted. It’s splash proof, but i wouldn’t hold the board underwater.

EDIT: sorry realized i didn’t actually post it lol

No worries!

I guess I’ll chop off 10.5mm connector it comes with and will solder on 5.5 which very common! Found female socket as well, shame 10.5 versions are so rare.

Thanks for your help !

Interesting idea @Maxid ! How does it work over time? I see your completed it last year…

Still going strong.

Was I a challenge to solder thick battery wires to this small connector pins?

Why would you use thick cables for charging?

True! My charger will only give 2A max… well I shall look for preowned megasafe connectors and give it a try :slight_smile:

I just spent a few hours working the same thing out. I believe (don’t quote me) the xlr does not have the notch on it. I think the connector used on most the hover boards is called paj3? Meh.

I ended up ordering this:

And a cover :


And a charger for a hover board, cheap lightwieght 2a. I also ordered a bigger 5a one with a fan


I’ll strick with 5.5mm jack - only rated for 12V … seems to work for a lot of guys here with 10S. If it gets too hot I’ll change it for something similar to yours which must be rated for more volts.

Actually I might go with your solution, after adding up all costs this will be cheaper and sturdier than mine. Thanks for the heads up!

I see a lot of Li-ion hover board chargers. Would it affect my Li Po’s? It’s the same voltage … 42V

No? If the voltage is your lipo battery fully charged voltage, for exempel: LiPo Nominal V(3.7) Fully Charged = 4.2V

So If you have 10S then its 10S*4.2V= 42V is your fully charged volt.

Basically all you need is a charger that has the same voltage as your fully charged battery. So that charger could go with no problem if your battery tolerate the amps for it, usually the amp is 2A on the normal laptop chargers.

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Ah that I don’t know, Ive been looking for li-ion chargers. I believe some listings will state in the description exactly what they can charge

I thought so! Not sure why they say Li ion on the charger. Well I’ll use it for my Li Po 10S then

They do that because Li-Ion and Li-Po has the same “settings”, look on the name of this product:

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